10 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Plant Lover

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a green thumb, but chances are you know someone who just can't stop collecting house plants. If you're shopping for a present for them, catering to their interests—as with any thoughtful gift-giving—is definitely the way to go. But if you're not sure what to buy your plant-obsessed loved ones, this gift guide is a good start.

And if you're the plant-lover in your circle, take this as an opportunity to treat yourself—after all the effort and care you put into making sure your houseplants continue to thrive and grow, you deserve it, right? 

Here at Spark Dazzle we have plenty of super adorable items that you can choose to give as a present to your plant loving friend!

Here are our Top 10 Favorite Pots from 2021!

1) Cat Planter

Sass & Bell Cat Planter

Your cat loving friend will always be appreciative if you give them a cute little cat planter to honor their furry friend. Here at SparkDazzle we have so many cat planter pot varieties. From white cat planters to black cat planters, you're sure to find what you are looking for. 

2) Dog Planter

Sass & Belle Barney the Dog Planter Pot

How adorable is this Sass & Bell Barney the Dog Planter!?? Its a perfect little planter for a succulent or a cactus. Your plant loving friend will love this gift for a birthday, an anniversary or just to say that you love them. Check out all the different dog planters that we offer here are SparkDazzle. 

3) Sloth Planter 

Large Gray Hanging Sloth Planter Pot

Sloth Planters are all the rage. They are so cute & make the perfect gift for your plant loving friend. Here are SparkDazzle we have so many varieties of Sloth Planters! Check out all the different shapes, sizes & colors that we carry!

4) Hanging Planter

Sass & Belle Rainbow Hanging Planter

A gorgeous little hanging planter with a bright and colorful rainbow design on the front, perfect for hanging in your home and filling with trailing plants such as a string of hearts plant or a string of pearls plant! The ceramic pot features three lengths of jute string, threaded through and knotted ready for you to hang. Looking for a gift to give? This ceramic planter makes a fantastic gift for the home. 

5) Face Pot Planter

Celfie Smiling Face Planter with Hair

Did you know that planters that have a little face on them make people happy??? Its a scientific fact. (haha, well maybe not) BUT, they are super duper cute, don't you agree?? How happy would your friend be if you got them this adorable smiling Celfie Face Pot Planter. Check out our entire collection of Facepot planters here at SparkDazzle. 

6) Zebra Planter

House of Disaster Savannah Zebra Pot

Do you have a Safari loving friend?? How about a friend who just loves Zebras?? We have so many beautiful Zebra Planters that will make any plant mom very very happy. This colorful ceramic pot is ready to be placed at any desk for pens or coffee table for a handful of stems. This charming zebra is completed in painted jungle plants and has space at the tip of its head to be used as a vase or storage pot. A great gift for any home & this pot comes in its very own stylish gift box.

7) Sexy Planter

Boob Planter

What better way to celebrate the female form than to grow life from this symbolic Booby Planter?

It may not be the first thing you would think of to make your cactus grow, but it certainly adds an eye-catching design to your home! It doesn’t need to be used as a planter though, it also makes a ravishing snack or storage bowl – ideal for storing those coffee pods to keep you perky in the morning.

This pastel pink bowl features a sculpted and painted nipple on the side and a smooth interior for ample storage. These bowls work great in pairs make fun gifts for friends and family. See the rest of the sexy collection here. :) 

8) Lama Planter

Lama Planter

Bring an extra dose of cute to your plant collection with this Kikkerland Lloyd the Lama ceramic planter! Shop Lama Planters from SparkDazzle. Find a wide selection of pots and decor options that will suit your tastes, including a variety of Lama Planters & Pots. 

9) Body Planter

Sexy Boob Body Planter Pots for Plants, Succulents or Flowers

These sexy body planters are super unique & will make any plant loving friend excited! 

10) Tiger Planter

Untamed Tiger Planter

The tiger king show was sooo popular in 2020, so the Tiger Planter has been our #1 seller for a while! This beautifully crafted tiger planter will make any plant loving friend so happy!


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