10 Best Female Form Vases, Planters & Pots

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but how about showcasing your boobies on your mantlepiece? It might sound a bit weird, but that’s just what everyone who’s jumping on the bandwagon as part of the trend for body vases is doing – and actually, it looks pretty darn good. 

Who doesn’t love a lovely planter, pot or vase that highlights the beautiful woman’s body? We know we do! Check out our top 10 Sexy Female Form Vases, Planters & Pots! 

1) Sexy Female Form Vase

Female Form Vase Planter pot

Looking for a vase with a body that will make you jealous? This beautiful curvaceous vase is the perfect addition to any collection. A ceramic vase with a human body design, simple and attractive, will bring a beautiful display to your flowers. Highlight the charm of the entire building and create a pleasant living environment.

2) Booby Planter


This super adorable boob planter will add a touch of sexy-ness to any plant shelf. This bobby planter with its eye-catching design will make a great conversation started or a gift to your plant loving friend.

3) Female Booty Planter Pot Vase 


This super sexy cheeky ceramic booty vase is definitely going to be a great addition to your mantel. Display a bouquet of flowers in this vase that serves as an homage to the curves of the female form. Glazed ceramic vase with sculpted shaping. 

4) Boob Planter

Boob Planter Pot

What better way to celebrate the female form than to grow life from this symbolic Booby Planter? It may not be the first thing you would think of to make your cactus grow, but it certainly adds an eye-catching design to your home! It doesn’t need to be used as a planter though, it also makes a ravishing snack or storage bowl – ideal for storing those coffee pods to keep you perky in the morning.

This pastel pink boob bowl features a sculpted and painted nipple on the side and a smooth interior for ample storage. These bowls work great in pairs make fun gifts for friends and family.

5) Boob Heart Tassel Planter

Boob Heart Tassel Planter

Shake it out and have some fun with this freewheeling earthenware boobie tassel planter. Shaped planter perfect for your smaller greenery

6) Ceramic Speckled Bum Vase

Ceramic Speckled Bum Vase


This is a beautiful ceramic planter vase in the shape of a bum. Looking for cute gifts for birthdays, Christmas or Housewarming gifts, something special for your home green decor? Check out our Ceramic Booty Art Planter, that is sexy and trendy at the same time, great conversation starter and has everything you need, from cuteness to elegance to get the job done.

7) Leggy Lady Vase Planter Pot

Female Body Vase Planter Pot

Celebrating all shapes, sizes and hues, this vase showcases the female form with sweet details that honor every curve. Constructed from ceramic with curving handle accents. 


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