Beautiful Mothers Day DIY Flowers Ideas

Mothers Day is just around the corner & everyone is wondering what they can do to make their mom feel special. Buying store bought flowers is always a good idea, it makes your mom feel very loved & honored on the day but unfortunately the flowers die within a few days!! How about going a little more original, thinking outside of the box & getting your mom a gift that she will treasure forever! You can get her a pot that you think she may like & then you can make your own succulent arrangement inside the pot! 


Its so easy to make a succulent arrangement in any pot. All you need is a cute pot, some soil & some succulent cuttings! If you dont have any succulents at home, Im sure you can find some in a friends garden or even on a little hike at a park. :) 

No its not stealing, its called succulent propogation!


Here are some super adorable pots that your mother will love & ideas of the kids of plants that you can out inside these pots. 

Lady Face Planter Succulent Arrangement Ideas

I love collecting lady face planters. They’re always a great conversation starter at our home. They add character to your space and are fun and unique. My daughter loves to name them! We have a name for each of them. 🙂

Face planters are fun because you can “style” the “hair” in them with your favorite plants. I like to plant succulents, ornamental grass, spider plants, Christmas cactus, to name a few.

Some face planters are made for indoors others are perfect for front porches, patios, or garden beds. If you plan on having them outdoors make sure to find the heavier ones, so they don’t tip over.

Closed Eyes Planter Succulent Arrangement Ideas

Lady Face Planter  

I LOVE this lady face planter! I think it’s my favorite one of all time. I love her closed eyes & polka dot dress. You mom, sister, friend or grandma would love this beautiful gift for Mothers Day. It would look amazing with a spider plant or succulent. It’s nice and heavy to withstand the outdoor elements. It includes a drainage hole at the bottom. A great conversation piece & I really think you will agree that this will make a beautiful gift!

Cement Grecian Bust Greek/Roman Style Face Planter

This planter is such amazing quality! Its heavy & really feels like a grecian bust from the Roman Times. This unique and attractive grecian bust face planter would look great planted with some creeping jenny, petunias, or maybe a Pothos Plant that looks like her hair! This planter is on the heavy side, weighing in at 6 pounds. Made from cement and measures 9 inches in height. Unfortunately, this Grecian Bust planter does not include a drain hole. But drain hole(s) can be easily drilled using a small cement drill bit.

Kinska Lady Planters

 Kinska Lady Face Planters

Behind each of these beautiful sculpted faces is London-based ceramicist Kinska. Designing, shaping and painting each minimal expression by hand, she's crafted a collection of charming characters that have us smitten. This is hand painted stoneware intended for decorative use & would make a beautiful gift on Mothers Day! These planters are so durable & can be used to create so many fun & unique hair styles!


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