Best Hanging Planters and Types of Plants That You Should Hang

Best Hanging Planters and Types of Plants That You Should Hang

Hanging Sloth Planter

When you visit any farmers' market or a nursery, you notice hundreds of plants hanging overhead with numerous kinds of pots with a hook. This is an indication that says what kind of plants you should grow while hanging.

The best hanging plants should fill your room, are easy to use, and look attractive. There are many different hanging planters & we have a wide selection here at 

Let us see the best hanging planters and what kind of plant is perfect to hang.

Medium Sloth Hanging Planter Pot

If you are thinking to provide your home an eclectic look, then you could try this Gray Sloth Hanging Planter. Made with ceramic that looks exactly like a gray sloth bear with black feet. Moreover, it also features brown and black eyes with an exterior resembling textured fur. Also, it features a belly to hold succulents and small flowers that can grow cheerfully and freely. You can hang it on your patio or in your kitchen area to beautify your home.

Best for: Small flowers, cactuses or  air plant

Sass & Belle Hanging Rainbow Planter

Sass & Belle Rainbow Hanging Planter Pot

This hanging planter pot is a beautiful and colorful creation from Sass and Belle. It has multi-color rainbow colors perfect for holding small plants, flowers, and succulents. Now it is easy to spread joy with this multi-colored hanging planter pot. It will light up your room if you are wishing to purchase this beautiful and gorgeous hanging planter. This is also a perfect gifting item to gift to your loved ones. Though, this planter is available only with the pot, sorry.

Sass & Belle Hanging Leopard Planter Pot

Well, have you seen a hanging leopard? In reality, it might not be possible to witness this magnificent view, but you can see how a leopard can hang a small plant in its belly. This beautiful hanging planter is made from dolomite. However, this is just perfect to transform your little room into a jungle. You can hang anywhere this leopard hanging planter with a hook, or even the ceiling of your house. So, why waiting, get this here and bring it now to impress your guests when they come to visit your home.

Best for an air plant, golden pothos, chenille plant, and English Ivy.

 Sass & Belle Hanging Fox Planter

Hanging Fox Planter Pot

Want to hang these fearless foxes in your room. It might be true that foxes do fear heights, but in this case, it is not. However, keeping this hanging planter pot can add a gorgeous factor to your room. You can hang this dolomite-created hanging pot in your curtain pole, ceiling, or any place of your choice. If you want to purchase this quirky planter, click here, and enjoy while it swinging.

Best for: Lobelia, Painted lady, Lavender, and Supertunia Petunias

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