Top Cat Planters, Pots & Vases for the Cat Lover

Best Cat Planters for Cat Lovers

Hanging Cat Planter

Cats are awesome and cute animals. This is why they occupy a special place in your house as fun-loving pets. You can purchase different types of cat planters to decorate your home or office. Moreover, you can use this as a gifting item to a similar cat lover in your home or office. Cat-themed planters are a great option for cat owners, kitten lovers, feline fanciers, and anyone who likes these cute & cuddly little creatures. As well as looking great in your own home, cat planters (especially pre-planted ones) make great gifts for any cat lovers you know. We have a wide selection of the best cat planters available, from kawaii kitties to more subtle designs that gently evoke the feline form. 

White Hanging Cat Planter Pot for Succulents & Plants

Hanging Cat Planter

These hanging cool hanging cat planters are perfect to gift to other cat lovers. The details of this hanging cat planter are so beautiful. The gold ears, black whiskers & cute little closed eyes are sure to make anyone fall in love. This can be a lovely addition for any cat-loving person.


Black Cat Planter Pot

This black cat planter can be the point of attraction in your house or on your office desk. Not only can this add more greenery to your likable place, but also these are the most popular cat planters available in the market. However, to make it more beautiful, you can plant an airy or cacti plant to improve its looks.


Standing Cat Planter

Flora Bunda Standing Cat Pot

 Doesn’t this raw-hew ceramic cat planters look adorable? However, you can add some cuteness and quirky style to your living space by purchasing this unique planter. Further, they have a Bohemian kind of look and come with a standing dotted cat.

White Cat Animal Planter Pot


Streamline Sweetie Cat


Wow! So much cuteness in one place. This cute little animal planter will make definitely spark some dazzle in your guests. There is both attractive for plant lover and cat lover people. However, you can add more diversity to your pot collection by purchasing this planter.


Spotted Cat Planter Pot

Urban Outfitters Orange Spotted Standing Cat Planter


Perfect for gifting, and adding more variety to your pot collection. To purchase a kitty planter, click on the link, cat planter pot with ears & whiskers. Whimsical, boho-inspired planter featuring a basin on top of a standing dotted cat figure made from ceramic and finished with a raw-hewn look. Available exclusively at SparkDazzle.


White Cat with Black Ears Planter PotAbbott Mini Cat Planter

Friends and family will adore the sweet charm of this animal-inspired planter perched on legs for a unique effect. Planters don’t come much cuter than this adorable Small Cat Planter. Crafted out of ceramic, the unique shape of this planter is highlighted by the cat’s four legs and its winningly simple face and features — the perfect complement for cactus and succulents alike. 

Large White Cat Planter

Large Cat Planter with a pink nose

This might be my favorite White Cat Planter Pot of all time. Shes just so darling with her little pink nose & cutest little eye lashes. This planter will fit a large plant inside of it or a very beautiful succulent arrangement. 

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