Cute Indoor Planters & Pots

Awesome Plant Pots For Succulents & Cacti

Cute planters & pots for succulents

Do your houseplants still live in the same plastic pots they had when you first brought them home? That’s almost as tacky as leaving the price tag on the clothes you wear. From a cute kitty planter  to timeless Frida Kahlo ceramic piece, these pots and planters will complement any room in your home — and give your favorite indoor plants some room to grow.

Sass & Belle Mini Cat Planter

Cute Mini Cat Planter

How adorable is this cat planter?! It will bring some cute and quirky style to a space. Simply fill with a small potted plant, cactus or succulent and then place on a flat surface (and don't forget to water your plant!)

This little ceramic pot makes a fantastic gift for a cat lover, or anyone who likes their interior design on the adorable side.

Sass & Belle Rainbow Hanging Planter

Rainbow hangling planter with trailing plants

Spread the cheer far and wide with this joyful rainbow planter! All the good feels. It's the perfect way to brighten up your decor, or makes the ideal new home gift.

Makes a great addition to your home, fill this delightful ray of sunshine with succulents or trailing plants.

The planter doesn't come with the plant, sorry! Still, great excuse for plant shopping, eh?

L5inch x W5inch x H4inch

Sass & Belle Frida Kahlo Planter

Sass & Belle Frida Kahlo Planter

Want the most instagrammable urban garden going? We understand getting your petals picture perfect is a real art form, so why not take a little help from the ultimate artist who’s ready to lend a hand, or rather, a head! This Frida Planter will guarantee you've got the most photogenic flowers around!

Frida Kahlo became famous for her creative use of color and she took inspiration from nature, so we can only imagine how happy she’d be to have beautiful bright blooms growing right from the top of her head!

Made of dolomite, this plant pot is as colorful as it is cute. A sleepy Frida (she’s dreaming up her next portrait) sports a few pink and red flowers in her hair and a vibrant green cardi! And who could miss her signature monobrow?! We bow to that brow!

This would make a great gift for anyone who is crazy for color or has a case of floral fever!

Frida Planter Specifications

Material: Dolomite
Colour: Multicoloured
Dimensions: L4.5 inch x W4.5 inch x H 5.5 inch

Sass & Belle Blue Hanging Sloth Planter

Cute Blue Hanging Sloth Planter

This is a very unique sloth planter. This is a large hanging blue sloth planter with light eyes. The belly houses a hole which will allow a group of flowers or succulents to grow freely and cheerfully. Hang it in your kitchen or your covered patio by its jute rope to express your love for flowers!

Sass & Belle Blue Hanging Sloth Planter

Namaste Vase with hands in prayer position

This wonderful vase set in a yoga shape brings total calm
The brown color and textured ceramics perfectly complement the shape
A real eye catcher, bringing a sense of serenity to any room
Brings the yogi soul to your home

Namaste Vase Dimensions: 6.10 inch x 3.62 inch
Namaste Pot Dimensions: L 6.69 inch x D 5.51 inch x H 3.34 inch

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