Hanging Sloth Planter

Hanging Sloth Planter

What is cuter than an adorable sloth planter? A darling hanging sloth succulent of course! Hang this cutie from the corner of any room or even on your patio. This little planter will make you smile any time you pass by!

This version of a hanging sloth planter is a bit different. Here we have a hanging sloth head! This planter offers A LOT of planting space! Put in a drain hole at the bottom & your succulents will be very happy in this adorable planter!

The Streamline Sloth Head Planter is just too darling to pass up! The Streamline Ceramic Zen Sloth Planter - with an adorable sleepy sloth face is an ideal container for small potted plants like cacti or succulent plants, mini flower plants, indoor herb garden, bonsai plants. This decorative Sloth shaped plant pot is perfect for any home decor, small spaces, patio, deck, counters or office desk.


 Hugging Sloth Planter



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