Sloth Planter

Sloth Planters are all the rage right now! There are a lot of Sloth Planters on the market & I wanted to take some time to review all the different sloth planter pots that are available. From Big to Small, you can find something that you love.

Hanging Sloth Planter Succulent Arrangement 

The most popular sloth planter on the market is the Gray Hanging Sloth Planter. This particular planter may look the same in all the listing but watch out, you may be getting something smaller than expected. The SparkDazzle hanging sloth planter is bigger in width & has a lot more space for your plants. So when you are shopping around online, make sure you read the size description & also the reviews. 

Hanging Sloth Planter

The Gray Hanging Sloth Planter thats a bowl offers A LOT more space for your to plant. You can get super creative with this one & pick any type of vining plants! My all time favorite vining plant is the Pothos! Its so easy to maintain & is very hard to kill. So, it really works as a first time plant!

Large Sloth Planter

img credit @ilytheplantlady

Being zen can mean quiet and still. The Zen Sloth Planter not only takes slow care of your plants, it also features an adorable sleepy sloth face. From top to bottom, this planter is sweet with the look of a trending sloth exterior. Count on this sloth to plant sit your own plants or housewarming greenery.

Made from painted ceramic that focuses on cute features, the 4.5" Zen Sloth Planter comes ready for gifting in a graphic box. Fill it full of succulents or cacti. If you are slow as a sloth to water the plants, they can survive even without a green thumb on their owner.

Sloth Pencil Holder Planter

The Sitting Sloth Planter is so versatile & can be used in so many different ways! It works perfectly as a planter for your succulents. The SparkDazzle sloth planter comes with a drain hole. The little sloth can also be used as a makeup brush holder or even a pencil holder! My daughter has it on her desk & it makes her smile everyday! 

Blue Sloth Planter 

img credit @stayingalivesucculents

Our beautiful blue hanging sloth planter will definitely make you smile every time you pass it! Add an eclectic look to your home with Aqua Sloth Hanging Planter! This charming planter is ceramic in construction in the shape of a blue sloth with black feet, and it is designed with black and brown facial features and a textured fur exterior. The belly houses a hole which will allow a group of flowers or succulents to grow freely and cheerfully. Hang it in your kitchen or your covered patio by its jute rope to express your love for flowers!


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