The Best Cat Planters

Cat Planters are so cute. They make anyone smile as they walk by. If you have a cat loving friend, we have gathered 10 different cat style planters that will make anyone happy. 


Ceramic Cat Planter

Planters don't come much cuter than this adorable small cat planter. Crafted out of ceramic - the unique shape of this planter is highlighted by the cat's four legs and its winningly simple face and features - the perfect complement for cactus and succulents alike.

Hanging Cat Planter

This hanging cat planter is adorable. It has enough space inside for a cute succulent or a cacti. You can make a drain hole by taking it to any home depot, or just request it on your order from

White Cat Planter


This lovely kitty planter can work as a pot for your beautiful plants or as a pencil holder on any desk. Works perfectly as a gift for any occasion. 

Kikkerland Cosmo the Cat Planter

This black cat planter for Kikkerland Design makes a cute little trinket dish or the perfect place for any air plants that you have. 

Sass & Belle Terracotta Hanging Cat Planter

The Sass&Belle Terracotta Hanging Cat Planter has been super popular in the plant community. It has a drainhole & can be the prefect place for your vining plants. 

Streamline Sweetie the Cat

Streamline Sweetie the Cat is so lovely with her closed eyes & smiling face. It comes in a beautiful gift box & also has a drain hole! This cute little planter will make the perfect addition to any home decor. 

Flora Bunda Black Cat Planter

The Flora Bunda black cat planter has little standing feet, cute purple ears & adorable whiskers. This black cat planter is the perfect size for a succulent arrangement or a cacti. 

Blue Cat Planter

If you're looking for cute party decor for a cat party, search no more. This cute blue cat planter will make the cutest party favor for any occasion. 


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