10 Best Sloth Planters for Succulents, Plants, Herbs & Flowers.

We have the coolest sloth planter collection on the web & thats a guarantee. :)

The first planter that I ever sold was a Hanging Sloth Planter & its been my #1 Best Seller for over a year! Apparently Sloths are the next Unicorns & everyone loves them. And how can you not love a sloth planter??? Its so cute & snuggly! Here is a roundup for my 10 favorite Sloth Planter Pots, started with #1 Best Seller. 

1) Handing Sloth Planter Pot 

Hanging Sloth Planter

Lazy little sloth-shaped planter hanging around like a hammock for your favorite succulents. Shiny ceramic planter with etched detailing and twine for hanging. Each planter is painted by hand and will be a very cute addition to any plant lovers collection.

2) Hanging Sloth Planter Bowl

This adorable and vibrant Hanging Sloth Planter is ready to cradle your vines and succulents. Featuring versatile functionality with loops for hanging and a flat bottom for surface sitting. This super cute gray hanging sloth bowl planter has enough space inside for any plants or succulents.

3) Sitting Sloth Planter or Sloth Pencil Holder

Gray Sloth Pencil Holder

Who wants an ordinary pot when you can have a cute sloth one? This makes a super cute gift. You can put a little plant, succulent or air plant. This Cute Little Sitting Sloth Planter Pot is the perfect addition to your precious plant corner, in a cool and collected gray, with a smiley expression. It can also be used as a pencil holder. 

4) Large Hugging Sloth Planter Pot

Lazy large sloth-shaped planter pot perfect for your favorite succulents or plants. Give your plants some love with this ceramic planter featuring a super-snuggly sloth giving your greens a hug. In a speckled finish.

5) Sass & Belle Blue Hanging Sloth Planter

Sass & Belle's Seymour the sloth is here to hang around your home and invite the chilled vibes in. This cool blue hanging planter is a charming and calming addition to your leafy corner. Fill with your favorite foliage and let the good times roll on. Add an eclectic look to your home with this beautiful Sloth Hanging Planter! This charming planter is ceramic in construction in the shape of a blue sloth with black feet, and it is designed with black and brown facial features and a textured fur exterior. The belly houses a hole which will allow a group of flowers or succulents to grow freely and cheerfully. Hang it in your kitchen or your covered patio by its jute rope to express your love for flowers!

6) Sass & Belle Sloth Hold All Planter

Invite this adorable tree dweller to hang around your container garden or use as a cheerful decorative bowl to hold small accessories and miscellaneous items. Who doesn't love sloths? Makes a great gift or housewarming present!

7) Ceramic White Sloth Planter Pot

This is the cutest sloth ceramic planter perfect for plants, succulents & herbs! Made of ceramic and hand painted in a soft, smooth white, this plant pot features a sweet little sloth face created by hand etched details painted black.

8) Woven Sloth Catchall Planter

Sloth Planter Catchall

Get the hang of things with this adorable sloth design. The sustainable water hyacinth is handwoven around a sturdy iron frame and painted by hand, so every sloth is unique.

9. Ceramic Sloth Succulent Planter Pot

Sloth Planter Pot for Succulents

Bright, vibrant faux succulents offers a touch of natural inspiration to your home in this adoring sloth ceramic pot.

10. Brown Sloth Planter Pot for Plants & Succulents. 

Brown Sloth Planter Pot for Succulents

This brown faux succulent makes a fabulous gift idea. It comes in a brown sloth shaped ceramic pot with closed eyes & a little black nose. 


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