Sass & Belle Frida Planter

Mini Frida Planter Pot for Succulents or Plants

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Frida Mini Planter for Succulents Plants

Give your smaller succulents and petit plants an arty make-over with the help of legendary Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo! Complete with iconic monobrow, the Frida Mini Planter is just perfect from bringing some color and nature to your work desk, bedside table or hallway sideboard.

The Frida Mini Planter makes an ideal small gift for friends or family and is a fun way to bring some colour to your everyday life.

For those unsure of who this lady is, Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who created stunning paintings inspired by the nature of Mexico, producing work that explored things such as identity, class, and race in Mexico. She was knowned for her beautiful work, her political activism, and her empowering sense of self, making her a woman who we still remember from history and who continues to inspire women and artists today.



H 2.75" x W 3.45" x D 4 inch