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Cute Ceramic Cat Planter with a Drain Hole

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Check out our adorable ceramic cat planter  best for small plants or succulents. This cute & quirky cat planter can also be used as a pencil holder as a fresh accent to your desk!

The vase is handmade and makes a great gift for a Birthday, Mothers Day, Christmas or any special occasion. And even perfect for your sweet home decor and interiors.

See the photos for size or dimensions.

- This planter will definitely add joy and happiness to your home
- Your small plants will never be unnoticed with these family members' cement pots
- The pot size is ideal for succulents, cacti, air plants etc
- Nice and small touch to any home green decor!
- Discover ways to decorate the lady with your plants, each plant that go in there change the appearance and style of the planter.

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