These Are The 10 Best Breast Selling Planters On The Internet

Sass & Belle Mini Boobie Planter

Boob Planters are all the rage. Why wouldn't you want to add a bit of spice to a bedroom or any living space. :)

Staying current of all the new home decorating trends can be diffcult, so just in case you missed it, you should know that boob — yes, you read that right! — planters are a thing now. Well, they've actually been very popular for a long time now, (Isaac Nichols of Group Partner has been making ceramic boob pots since 2013!) but lately, it feels like the boob-related decor trend has taken off even more. And honestly, I don't know about you, but I am so here for it!

Boob, Boobie, Body & Female Form planters are basically the perfect mix of cute, fun, and edgy, and they add so much personality (and a sense of humor!) to your home. So, if you also can't wait to get in on the trend, here are the breast — sorry, I mean best — boob planters out there.


Breast Planter Pot

Cutest Boob on the Block! Lol This one does not leave anything to the imagination! If you want a funny cute gift, this is perfect. 


Urban Outfitters Boob Tassel Planter

If you want a boob planter thats a little more settle, you can go with this super cute one that has tassels on the boobies. This planter is made from ceramics, its very durable, as well as being super duper adorable. 


Boob Planter

If you're looking for more than just boobs, lol, then you found it here. This super sexy & beautiful body vase will make anyone take a double look. 



Celebrating all shapes, sizes and hues, this vase showcases the female form with sweet details that honor every curve. Constructed from ceramic with curving handle accents. 

Leggy Lady from Urban Outfitters

These beautiful sitting lady planters in a sculpted silhouette - collect one or more for a boobie set

Breast Planter Pot

Turn heads with this flower vase planter. A catching accent piece, paying homage to curves of the beautiful female form. Versatile use as a vase, indoor planter pot, or organize items in the home

Sass & Belle Small Boobs Planter

 Sass & Belle Boobie Planter

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